The Blue Dahlia (philochs) wrote,
The Blue Dahlia

Adventures in Online Dating, Part I

Two months into the world of internet dating and I must comment, though there is very little by way of new analysis I can provide. What can I say? People have been idiots throughout history.

1) I am not interested in having a threesome with you and your bi-curious partner. I don't have your extensive medical history. And you have poor communication skills.

2) I'm still madly in love with someone else.

3) Dating ranks up there with snakes, packing, looking for an apartment, and yelling on the list of "things that turn my stomach"

4) I don't know any interesting convenient people. My friends don't know any interesting convenient people.

5) Very few people possess the patience it takes to date somebody writing a dissertation.

6) I haven't rebuilt my mad running skills to the level where I can meet someone via a running club. But I love running.

7) I'm sorry I'm not radical enough for you.

8) I am bitter.

9) I don't have the requisite twenty to thirty hours per week nor the requisite disposable income to devote to the FRANG job search.

10) Yes, yes I AM a fantastic cook.

11) Wow, it's a pain in the ass to get to the Kendall Square.

12) I suck at pool.

13) My staph scars are off-putting.

14) Dating in an election year. Whoo-hoo!

15) I am intimidating. (No I'm not!)

16) Nobody compares with my ex.

17) big gay book clubs are less interesting than they sound and film clubs are in-groupy

18) It is no longer hip to be a vegetarian.

19) Everyone smokes!

20) I can't club alone. This makes me the most sad, as I love dancing but nobody with whom to dance.

More later.
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